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Tarot & Tea - 10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles liquid jade prosperity card sun and moon tarot tarot tarot and tea tarot tuesday Wealth card

Welcome back to Tarot & Tea, folks!  This week's featured card is the 10 of Pentacles or "Wealth" card from the Sun & Moon Tarot by Vanessa de Cort.  

This beautiful, playful deck combines the classic Rider-Waite-Smith structure with updated imagery, Thoth deck, Taoist & Kabbalistic influences just to name a few!  It is a very sweet deck and is one of my favorites.

Today's card is quite the auspicious one....the upright 10 of Pentacles.  On this card, we see the alchemical symbol for earth at the top and two apparent lovers embracing around the Tree of Life with the 6-pointed star or Star of David inscribed on it. This symbol has many meanings, some being the integration of inner and outer dimensions, exoteric & esoteric teachings as well as the 7 foundational attributes of: chesed (kindness), gevurah (severity), tiferet (harmony), netzach (perseveranc),   hod (splendor), yesod (foundation) and malchut (royalty).

This card classically represents prosperity specifically where structure and stability have been put in place.  It reminds us to show appreciation for all that we have and is a good signal for abundance, prosperity, healing, etc.  Astrologically this card represents Mercury in Virgo.

The tea we chose to accompany this favorable card is Liquid Jade by Art of Tea.  This blend of airy white and earthy green teas with uplifting bergamot oil really reflect the sense of integration and hard-earned prosperity that this card represents.

You can find the Sun & Moon tarot here

And the delectable Liquid Jade here


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