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Ten of Cups - Tarot & Tea

Happy Moon-day, everyone! So glad you could stop by for Tarot & Tea!  The card for this week was pulled by one of our precious Moonbeams, Zoe, whose bright energy tempted out one of the sweetest cards in the whole deck: the Ten of Cups. This delightful card is always nice to see in a reading! Representing happiness of the deep and enduring variety, the Ten of Cups relates to a form of fulfillment which can only come from sharing our joy with those we love the most. The card depicts a loving couple with their two young children, rejoicing beneath a rainbow. The harmony and tranquility of the scene are beautiful to behold. The depth of the couple’s joy extends to the next generation as they build a legacy of love for their family. This card is such a wonderful reminder to us to treasure our time with those dear to us. Nurture your heart-based, long-lived connections with others. Rejoice in gratitude for the love that surrounds you!
The absolute perfect tea to reflect the energy of this card is our gorgeous Double Happiness Flowering Tea. These sublime little bundles of joy consist of Green Tea leaves wrapped around two Chrysanthemum flowers, Amaranth globe, and Jasmine flowers. Place a ball of this tea into a clear teapot and watch in wonder as it blooms before your eyes! The tea leaves unfurl in hot water and reveal a colorful little flower garden to delight your senses. This tea is a lovely experience to share with the special folks in your life, and one they will not soon forget!
Our featured deck this week is a true classic. The Rider-Waite Tarot is the deck that most people think of when they imagine Tarot cards. It is considered to be the original modern Tarot deck, as it was the first to depict detailed images on the Minor Arcana cards. The Rider-Waite Tarot is definitively the most popular Tarot deck on the planet. Being traditional and widely appreciated, it makes a great foundational deck for learning the Tarot, as well as being a stand-by favorite for many experienced readers. The sense of comfort and nostalgia that comes from the familiar images of the Rider-Waite is a wonderful reflection of the message of this week’s card.
Thank you for joining us for this week’s Tarot & Tea! We hope to see you back here again next week, same time and place. Also, if you are interested in receiving an in-person Tarot reading or if you are looking for a tutor in Tarot, Jessika TuCrow is our on-staff Tarot specialist and available for appointments and walk-ins on the first Saturday of every month.
You can find our Double Happiness Flowering Tea here:
And the Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck here:
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