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8 of Wands - Tarot & Tea

Hey, Moonbeams! We’re grateful that you’re taking the time out of your busy day to stop through for a little Tarot & Tea with us. Our card for this week is the restless Eight of Wands. The message of this card is about swiftness of movement. Strike while the iron is hot! The time has come to declare yourself openly and move quickly in order to bring your intentions to fruition. This is a time of culmination, of things coming together finally and successfully. All of the pieces of the puzzle are now in place. Go ahead and jump into the flow with both feet, for events are progressing rapidly towards their ultimate conclusion. Just in time for the holidays, this card can also be an omen of travel and receiving important news. When we see this card, word has arrived that it’s time to get moving!
This week’s featured tea, paired appropriately with the Eight of Wands, is Brewed Awakening. This super caffeinated blend includes roasted Japanese green tea, Indonesian Oolong tea, coffee beans, and delicious white chocolate shavings. Flavorful, aromatic, and energizing, this is a java lover’s tea! Whether you’re in need of a morning boost, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a stimulating beverage to share over dessert with family members visiting from out of town… Brewed Awakening is the wakeful, warm comfort-in-a-cup that you seek.
The deck from which we draw this week is The Herbal Tarot by Michael Tierra and Candice Cantin. This Rider-Waite based deck is the go-to for the Tarotist that is also an herbalist. Each card carries the image of a plant whose medicine relates directly to the energy of the card. The Eight of Wands, for instance, bears the likeness of Sassafras, a great medicine to keep the energy flowing. This deck is fantastic for folks who know herbs and want to learn Tarot, because the medicines represented on the card give great clues as to what the meaning of the card actually is!
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