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Amplify Your Positive Emotions - #tarot&tea

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Happy July, moonbeams and welcome back to #TAROT&TEA! Today we felt the call of the Nature's Whispers Oracle Deck by Angela Hartfield & Josephine Wall. Our Card of the Week is 7. AMPLIFY YOUR POSITIVE EMOTIONS.
This card reminds us that there is always a chance to bring good fortune and beneficial influence to any moment or event in our lives. Sometimes it takes a bit of adjustment in our motives or attitudes, but when when we tap into the well of positive energy within, it can flow "in concentric circles affecting all of your desires and circles also represent cycles, know that you are continually going in and out of cycles, growing and changing. With every ending comes a new beginning. Trust that the positive energy you radiate will attract what you wish for."
Although our Positivi-Tea would be an excellent but obvious choice for this card, our intuition is reaching for the ENDURANCE blend. With the potential to support the adrenal glands and reduce stress, this blend may open the way for more positive outlooks and attitudes and provide beneficial energy in reaching for our goals!
You can find our Endurance blend here:

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