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IV of Swords - #tarot&tea

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Welcome back to Tarot & Tea, moonbeams! We wish you a beautiful, blessed and healthful Summer! Today we are working with the gorgeous Sun & Moon Tarot by Vanessa DeCourt. As you may remember, this deck combines tarot with i-ching, Taoism, Kabbalism, mythology and astrology and the sweet modern artwork just evokes a very summery feeling for me.
Our Card of the Week is the IV of SWORDS. Swords are linked with the element of Air and are often related to rational or mental matters. The more traditional tarot images IV of Swords often depict a knights tomb, but here we see a contemplative figure laying in balance upon 4 down-pointing swords under the symbol for air and the word "TRUCE". This card invites us into the quiet places within ourselves; to become receptive, pay attention, and make peace with the truth of our current circumstances. Minimize outside influences, surrender the hustle and bustle of social and worldly concerns and find a place of serenity where you may summon your creativity and resourcefulness from the depths of your being.

Our tea for the day is a blend of Tulsi (Holy Basil), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Gotu Kola, Passionflower, and Sage. You can add a bit of Spearmint for flavor and to add sweetness to your thoughts if desired.

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You can find the herbs for today's tea here:…/herbs-single-herbs

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