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Special & Unique Holiday Gifts!

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While homemade gifts from the heart are definitely our favorite, generally most cost-effective way to do your holiday gift-giving, it can take time and energy that some of us may not have to spare.  We just wanted to share a few of our newly arrived, handcrafted goodies that make very special and unique gifts.

These beautiful fair-trade beaded hummingbirds have a been a big hit and purchase benefits a family collective in Guatemala who have been able to put in a full water system from the sales of these sweet creations so far! You can find them in our shop and online here: https://store.moonriseherbs.com/products/beaded-hummingbirds

Next, meet two different groups of cuddly rascals here to help you celebrate the holidays in whimsical joy!  We’ve got some Hipster Critters and Beatnik Mice ornaments that are sure to bring a smile!  You can find them here: https://store.moonriseherbs.com/collections/gifts-accessories-statues/products/hipster-mice-ornament

And here: https://store.moonriseherbs.com/collections/gifts-accessories-statues/products/beatnik-mice-felted-ornaments

Feeling a little more starry-eyed?  Check out these gorgeous metal garlands that bring the beauty and grandeur of the skies into your home.

We’ve got Silver Stars: https://store.moonriseherbs.com/collections/gifts-accessories-statues/products/silver-stars-garland

And the phases of the Moon: https://store.moonriseherbs.com/collections/gifts-accessories-statues/products/phases-of-the-moon-garland




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