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Two of Pentacles - Tarot & Tea

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Hello, dear Moonbeams! It’s a bright and sunny Moonday here in Humboldt County.  I’m Jessika TuCrow, your guide to Tarot & Tea.  This is my last local writing for ya’all before I move away.  The card for today is the Two of Pentacles.  A juggler is shown balancing on one foot with two coins suspended in the air.  Appropriately, the meaning of the card is two-fold.  On the one side, it can relate to being very busy and needing to work to keep all your balls in the air…so to speak.  Juggling responsibilities and keeping up with demands may sound a tad bit unpleasant, but the person show on the card seems to be dealing with it all rather effortlessly.  In fact, it appears that they might even be enjoying themselves!  The playful side of the Two of Coins shouldn’t be overlooked.  Even in a busy schedule, time should be taken to do something we enjoy.  Humor, hobbies, and all sorts of high-spirited fun are gifts that the Two of Disks can offer us just so long as we maintain balance!  Flexibility and adaptability are the hallmarks of this card and are certainly beneficial traits for personal growth and wellbeing.


The matching tea blend for this week’s card is Hang in There, Baby!  This succulent tisane is made with a team of potent adaptogenic herbs: Lycii (Goji) berries, Ashwagandha root, Rosehips, Schizandra berries, Licorice root, and Hawthorne berry powder.  A tangy delight to the tastebuds, Hang in There, Baby! Is a refreshing and stimulating beverage to drink when you need a spark of inspiration and a bit of lift under your wings.  This one is a terrific daily tonic drink because it’s positively packed with Vitamin C, nurturing nutritive qualities, and adaptogenic benefits.  The berries in this tea give it a joyful, sunny energy while the Ashwagandha roots the blend with its uniquely earthy vibe.  Licorice empowers and sweetens the blend, bringing it all together in an invigoratingly dynamic balance.  Try this tisane and you’ll understand why there is an exclamation point at the end of Hang in There, Baby!


The deck I’m using this week is the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  Since I first laid eyes on this deck, I’ve sworn it’s the most beautiful I’ve every seen!  The fantastical artwork is filled with incredible layers of detail that seem like infinite fractals of faeries, plants, and animals.  Each tiny embellishment is well thought out and meaningful to the symbolism of the card.  At times, the amount of information contained in the images can be downright overwhelming.  It’s a really juicy deckand has so much to teach about the subtle messages within each card.  And did I mention it’s beautiful?  In fact, this relatively new deck (2010) is one of the highest rated by tarot readers worldwide on Aeclectic Tarot, second only to the Waite-Smith and the Thoth decks.  By the way, Aeclectic Tarot is a prominent online Tarot community dedicated to collecting and reviewing decks.  If you find something you like while browsing Aeclectic, just call Raquel at Moonrise Herbs to see if she can special order it for you or maybe help you find something similar.  We can obtain a wide variety of decks so don’t be fooled into thinking that the selection ends with what you see on the store’s shelf or website!


Find the Shadowscapes Tarot here:


And the Moonrise favorite tea blend Hang in There, Baby!  here:


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